NdaoMadaShop Madagascar” is the online shopping division of the NDAO I-TRAVEL, SARLU group, founded in 2013 and located in the capital of Madagascar – Antananarivo.

The main activity of “NdaoMadaShop Madagascar” is the wholesale and retail sale of products such as vanilla beans, spices, cocoa powder, chocolate, essential oils, clothing and other consumer goods.

The mission of our company is to “make it easier to do business and access international sales for small and medium producers in Madagascar”.

Over the years, we have continuously grown and developed to establish a significant reputation and success in the spice trade industry.

NdaoMadaShop Madagascar” offers high quality vanilla and vanilla products, Madagascar spices, cocoa, chocolate and all our other products in accordance with international standards and worldwide.

We have traveled all over Madagascar and selected the best local producers for our products. This means that we do not have a chain of intermediaries, which allows us to offer the best price to both wholesale and retail buyers.

We work directly with spice farmers in Madagascar and manufacturers of other products. This collaboration allows us to control the entire production process of our goods.

NdaoMadaShop Madagascar” always prides itself on putting the quality of goods first, so we are confident that customers will find comfort and satisfaction from working with us. We are very confident in our product range, competitive prices, and great delivery services.

Choosing your purchase from NdaoMadaShop Madagascar means you are choosing the best quality genuine and authentic products from Madagascar, such as vanilla, spices, chocolate or any other products from our range.


Your purchases will be delivered to you by EMS Post courier. The weight of postal items is not limited. We also deliver goods by sea in containers to the terminal at the destination port and by air cargo to the terminal at the destination airport.

You can learn more about sea container transportation here.


NdaoMadaShop is a modern e-commerce platform. We promote the products of farmers and entrepreneurs from Madagascar to buyers around the world.

NdaoMadaShop is a logistics network throughout Madagascar. For spices and vanilla, the delivery time from the plantation to the packaging and departure of the parcel from Madagascar usually does not exceed 96 hours.

NdaoMadaShop is an access to international e-commerce channels and services for small farmers and producers from all over Madagascar. By shopping through our trading platform, you support their business.

We communicate with people in their “language” and avoid any association with complex technologies. We communicate in simple language, avoid complex terms, abbreviations and professional jargon. Our messages are formulated directly and understandable to the widest possible audience.

The company’s specialists are always ready to share their knowledge about our products with you and answer all your questions. We have an individual approach to each client.

If you need to buy our products in bulk or for any project, just dial WhatsApp +261 38 842 13 50 or send an e-mail to shop@ndaoitravel.com or through this contact form. Our managers will develop the most optimal commercial offer for you.

We strive to get to know our customers better and value feedback. Therefore, we are building an open brand – sociable and friendly. We always treat the client as if we were a friend – friendly and equal. At the first meeting and in difficult situations, we choose a neutral tone. In the future and in other situations, we avoid being boring and formal – when appropriate, communication can be bold and emotional.


The NdaoMadaShop online store cooperates with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. To place orders in the online store from a legal entity, you must register.

To make bulk purchases according to a special price list, you need to contact our managers by e-mail shop@ndaoitravel.com or through this contact form.

A supply contract will be concluded with you through the NdaoMadaShop online store and for each batch of your purchases you will be provided with all the necessary business documents (originals in the package with goods and scans by email).


The NDAO I-TRAVEL, SARLU group offers you to discover unforgettable Madagascar for your customers and invites you to cooperate.

Madagascar in 2023-2028 will be among the top five most popular destinations among exotic countries. Already now, during the “post-COVID” recovery of the tourism industry, there is an increase in tourist flow in comparison with 2019 “pre-COVID” year. For cooperation in the field of tourism, click here or contact by e-mail info@ndaoitravel.com


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